When it comes to dating sites in the US, there is a plethora of options. From niche sites to the major players, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. When deciding which one is the “best”, you can look at the size and quality of the community, the quality and breadth of features, and value provided.Keep Reading There is a certain art to creating a dating profile: it’s a subtle dance of expressing who you are, without blathering on like a fool. What angle should your main image be taken from? Should you really admit that you’re 89? Posting photos with the object of your obsession - your pet chinchilla Fluffy – a faux pas? All your answers await you here*, in TheBestDateSites’ guide to an irresistible dating profile. Keep Reading If you want to win the right man's heart, you need to know what it is that makes a man go from just feeling casual about dating you to wanting and needing you on a deeper level. I'm going to take you inside a man's mind you so you understand what it takes to trigger this kind of connection. Keep Reading Have you ever gone on a few dates with a guy, thought things were going well, and then things fizzled out without warning?

I can't tell you how many women write to me about this. They had a great couple of first dates, the guy kept asking her back out, she got her hopes up, and then the guy stopped initiating anything.

If this has happened to you, you know how disappointing it can be. But if you understand a guy's process when it comes to dating, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and instead set yourself up for the kind of lasting love you're looking for with the right guy. Keep Reading

Some men aren’t able to commit to a woman because they’re not ready or the timing isn’t right. But often, even a committed bachelor will take the plunge when he meets a woman who embodies a certain mindset that creates what I call emotional attraction in him: Keep Reading I’ve said it a bazillion times... great women don’t see a man as potential “relationship material” based on his looks, money, or cheesy pick-up lines.

When it comes to figuring out if a particular guy might be “Mr. Right,” the first thing most women look for are sure signs of CONFIDENCE. More specifically, the 4 unmistakable, magnetic signals that confident men send a woman the moment they meet her Keep Reading.

When it comes to spotting the man of her dreams -- also known as her potential “Mr. Right” -- most women are looking for just one thing…

… but it’s NOT what most guys think. Keep Reading

If you want to succeed with women, you need to learn how to stand out from the crowd and grab a woman’s attention FAST. No, it’s not about fancy clothes or pick-up lines. It’s about learning a few key skills that will make a lasting impression on the woman you want. Here are 8 tips you can use immediately: Keep Reading So you’ve finally met a man you really like and can see yourself having a relationship with him. You should make an effort to show him you’re a real find, right?

Actually, no. The fantastic thing about being a woman is that getting a man to see how wonderful you are doesn’t involve any effort at all. In fact, it’s all about simply being, not doing. Keep Reading

I’ve been married for over twenty years, and since most of my coaching focuses on inspiring a man to commitment, my clients always want to know how my husband proposed to me.

When I tell them, they’re both surprised and relieved to hear that it wasn’t an easy journey – he was stalling and “not ready,” and I was feeling very uncertain. And then, without realizing it, I did something completely counterintuitive that changed the situation around completely. Keep Reading

Do you know the right way to truly connect with a man in such a way that he feels compelled to devote himself to you? If you find that most of your relationships never quite get off the ground, then it’s possible you may have been taking the wrong road to the path of love. Keep Reading

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