About Us

Why we started Bestadultdates?

Finding someone who you’re attracted to and who wants the same things in the bedroom can be quite a process. Going out to the clubs and trying to lure other singles with your funky chicken, going out on a date to a high-end Italian bistro and blowing $150, or trolling Walmart for hotties: all of these can be pretty taxing. With Bestadultdates, we skip all that and find sexy, passionate people who want what you want, and want it now. No longer will you have to sort through the heaps of adult date sites, finding yourself accidentally signing up for DateAnOrangutan.com; Best Adult Dates provides you with a comprehensive list of the latest and greatest to prevent dealing with the duds and sending you to your ideal hookup community.

What makes us unique?

With so many online adult dating sites out there, we compile, rate and review all the sites and send you to the best ones for you based on a set of criteria. Our goal is to make sure you end up at a site that will fulfill your every desire and fantasy, offering the best and most ideal features and fellow users for you, while keeping up to date on the ebbs and flows of the adult dating site world by constantly monitoring who’s hot and who’s not.

How we operate

Full disclosure: we fund our site through certain sites offering affiliate payouts by providing links/users. However, we strive to stay impartial and offer our unbiased lists and reviews of these sites. If we think your site stinks, we aren’t afraid to say so, and offer only the best adult date sites to our users (hence the name).

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Want to reach out?

Feedback from our users is important! You can reach us at